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    builds and restores Harley frames, trikes,
    frame parts and complete custom bikes!

  • Transform your Sportster into a Hardtail bobber or a chopper

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    Harley frame for bobber
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    Custom Harley Davidson
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    Harley Davidson Bobber

Harley Frames, new built Harley Frames, restored Harley Frames, custom Harley Frames

Replica Harley Frames

Straighleg or Wishbone style. Our frames are TüV approved.

Old school Chopper Harley Frames

Seamless thick wall tubing Harley Frames. Nodular cast iron parts, lugs and joints.

Restauration: Harley Frames in Original shape

Harley frames back in original shape. Restoring Harley Frames by the highest standard. Straighten and repairing Harley frames from 1936 up 2015 according to original specifications.

For more information call us/Fur mehr informationen können Sie uns anrufen/Voor meer informatie kunt u ons bellen: +31 630 493 201


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